Monday, 10 November 2014

Transformations: Translation

Explain what a translation is.
A Translation is when you move something from point A to point B (Mainly by useing a Vector)

Explain how a vector works. What does it look like? What does the top number indicate? What does the bottom number indicate?
The top number over the vector shows if you move it right or left. Negative is left and positive is right. The bottom number show if it goes up or down. Negative up and positive down.

Give a real life example of when translation is used.
When you move a chess picse from point A to B

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Illegal Drug: Magic mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms are a class "A" drug.

Magic Mushrooms look like a normal mush room but have a longer stalk than normal.

Magic Mushrooms are grown like any other Mushroom

You consume Magic Mushrooms by eating them.

Magic Mushrooms can effect you sight, hearing, feeling and feelings
Street names
Shrooms Mushies

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Jack and Jill

Cast: Jack, Jill and Mum

Scene 1

(Mum knitting, Jack playing with the dog, Jill in the kitchen)

Jill: Muuuuum, cam I have a hot chocolate.

Jack: Me too

Mum: Sure... If you make it your self.

Jill: Orrr but I always make dinner

Jack: And you just told me to keep the dog out from under your feet.

Mum: Do you want to have nice jumpers for christmas.

Jack and Jill: Noooo Mum

Mum: Ok fine, if someone goes and gets the water then I'll make you BOTH hot chocolates.

Jack: You go get it

Jill: Why don't we both go get it?

Jack: Ok

Scene 2

(Jack and Jill are walking along lane holding empty pails or


Jack: Can’t believe mum is making us fetch water again.

Jill: Yeah I know. I wanted to play with my skipping rope. Oh look

there is the hill and the well. Race you.

(Jill starts running and Jack follows)

Jack: Wow this hill is really steep. Be careful you don’t fall.

Jill: You be careful you know how clumsy you are. (Pulls a funny face)

(Jack trips up and falls down the hill)

Jack: Ahhr, it hurts......I’m falling. My crown, I broke my crown. My

head is bleeding. Mummmmeeeeyyy!

Jill: Are you ok? I’ll stop the bleeding. I’m coming down to help you. Oh


(Jill trips too and comes tumbling down after Jack)

Jill: I’m ok, just a scratch. Has your head stopped bleeding? You

really are clumsy Jack.

(Jack looks up in disbelief)

Jack: I’m clumsy? You fell down too you fool. Sisters, who needs them?