Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Jack and Jill

Cast: Jack, Jill and Mum

Scene 1

(Mum knitting, Jack playing with the dog, Jill in the kitchen)

Jill: Muuuuum, cam I have a hot chocolate.

Jack: Me too

Mum: Sure... If you make it your self.

Jill: Orrr but I always make dinner

Jack: And you just told me to keep the dog out from under your feet.

Mum: Do you want to have nice jumpers for christmas.

Jack and Jill: Noooo Mum

Mum: Ok fine, if someone goes and gets the water then I'll make you BOTH hot chocolates.

Jack: You go get it

Jill: Why don't we both go get it?

Jack: Ok

Scene 2

(Jack and Jill are walking along lane holding empty pails or


Jack: Can’t believe mum is making us fetch water again.

Jill: Yeah I know. I wanted to play with my skipping rope. Oh look

there is the hill and the well. Race you.

(Jill starts running and Jack follows)

Jack: Wow this hill is really steep. Be careful you don’t fall.

Jill: You be careful you know how clumsy you are. (Pulls a funny face)

(Jack trips up and falls down the hill)

Jack: Ahhr, it hurts......I’m falling. My crown, I broke my crown. My

head is bleeding. Mummmmeeeeyyy!

Jill: Are you ok? I’ll stop the bleeding. I’m coming down to help you. Oh


(Jill trips too and comes tumbling down after Jack)

Jill: I’m ok, just a scratch. Has your head stopped bleeding? You

really are clumsy Jack.

(Jack looks up in disbelief)

Jack: I’m clumsy? You fell down too you fool. Sisters, who needs them?

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