Wednesday, 21 May 2014

200 Word Story

It’s 10:41 at Mt Maunganui hot pools our annoying boss has just given a growling for not picking up lost property and doing a good job. I then go out for lifeguard duty then i see a floating pink bikini. I then think to myself “Uhh-Ohh” then at that very second someone spews “Ahhhhhhhh””Ahhhhhhhhh” Everyone runs out onto the street like there is no tomorrow. I think to myself again “Uhh-Ohh”

Then every single staff member is out and looking at the person who spewed. I turn to look at nolan my best friend and we say to each other wasn't me. we look back at the  person who spewed and then he says just jokes stands up and runs away laughing now we say the only thing left to do is cleaning up the mess. Then our annoying boss walks in with anger “WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR CLEAN IT UP!!!” One second later a dog about 1 and a half meters long 25cm high falls out of the sky licks up the mess and disappears like magic. What a surprise nolan says. I wonder who is behind this. Maybe it was the marvelous wizard of oz.

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