Monday, 10 March 2014

Battle of Gate Pa Podcast

  1. Heni Karamu is known as the Angel of Gate Pa.
  2. She is also known as Jane Fowley.
  3. At the the time of the interview she was 91 years old.
  4. The battle of Gate Pa took place in 1864.
  5. Heni was the only woman warrior.
  6. Soldiers were trying to stop food getting to the Maori.
  7. Woman and children were told to leave the area.
  8. Heni helped the Pakeha soldiers by giving them water. 
  9. One of the soldiers she helped was Colonel Booth.
  10. 20 years later an artist drew a picture of the battle and showed Heni as a man.  

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  1. well done I could read it perfectly and it made sense.
    Good job.