Sunday, 9 March 2014

Your and You're

a) Your and you’re are homophones. Why are they homophones?
Because they sound the same but look different.

b) Explain IN YOUR OWN WORDS! (no copy and pasting) when should we use your and when should we use you’re?
Your means it is yours and you're means you are.

c) Write 3 example sentences using your and 3 example sentences using you’re. These sentences should be about YOU and your life and not be copied and pasted. 
"Tidy your room."
''Put your shoes away.
"You're awesome""Thanks."

d) Write 2 sentences OF YOUR OWN which contain both your and you’re.
"Your stupid lol.""No you're stupid because you used the wrong you're."
"Are you going on your clash of clans today.""Yeah."


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