Monday, 15 September 2014


Investigate The Civilian Party. What are some of their policies?

Ice Cream
Establish a space program, and become the first nation in Australasia to send a man to the moon; not to explore it, just someone we don’t like.

You want to set up a political party in this coming election. How do you do that?

An acceptable party name (and any abbreviation).
Satisfactory evidence of at least 500 eligible members.
Statutory declarations from its party secretary concerning membership, intention to contest general elections and advising of any component parties.
Party membership rules showing what is required for current financial membership, and candidate selection rules which provide for the democratic involvement of members in the process.
An auditor (or person who has agreed to be auditor when the party is registered).
A party secretary with a postal address and contact details.
Either the secretary, or a sitting MP who is a current financial member of the party, to make the application.
$500 application fee.

Name your party.
Freedom 4 You

Create a policy for

All accidentel health issues are 50% cheaper

School hours are from 9:00-1:30 or 9:30-2:00

Any crime or offense will be instantly set to jail. E.G. swearing can be 5 days in jail at the least.

All businesses are free to start but tax is 50% until 1 years from start then 20%

Retirement homes are free

You will be sent to jail if you cut down a tree without permission


All internet will be free and super fast.
All roads will be repaired but it costs 25c per day to drive and speeds will be increased.
You can drink from 10+ and all health issues from alcohol will be covered for free.

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  1. Wow. I really like your education policy but not the alcohol one, because how would you feel if you 10 year old son was getting drunk all the time. Other than that I like all of the other policies. well done.