Monday, 1 September 2014

Quick Story

I have been searching and discovering on this planet 36728 years. I came here to find life. I am with my two space discoveries Tim and Dom. Tim is from South Africa and is 6 ft 7 tall. And Dom Scandinavian is 4 ft 5 tall. We are stuck on this planet because our spaceship (named Onion Weed) is broken. We decided to set off and walk, we left it 1824.7 hours behind us and we think it might be tens of thousands of miles away. We were looking for two things Platinum and Onion Weed. After 912.35 hours of walking we realised something was following us we then turned around and there he was...
We started to run but he was gaining speed fast, But then in a flash Tim tripped up and you could hear a deafening crunching noise. Tim was dead. But then with our surprise slenderman exploded and turned into Platinum, Onion Weed AND TIM!!! YAAAY!!!


1 comment:

  1. Wow!! That was a weird but original story. This part did not make any sense at all. "We decided to set off and walk we left it 1824.7." But other than that it was an overall good and funny story.